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Dubtribu Records - Deep Dub Inside


Exclusive to Junodownload: 8th December 2014

After a year’s worth of careful selection, Dubtribu Records’ debut compilation album “Deep Dub Inside 2014” (DTR010) has finally landed!


Watch the promo video here.

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Dubtribu Records House Party


Watch the recording of the live stream from the Dubtribu Records House Party on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Sparkup - Meditation


Released 16th July 2014

Taken from Sparkup's EP 'My World'. 'Meditation' is a deep sub heavy tune with a minimalistic flavour that caters for the purist bassheads. Eyes down for this one as SparkUp takes us to the next level.

Yin Yang Audio - Deepspace


Released 28th April 2014

Taken from Yin Yang Audio's EP 'Deepspace'. The intensity of travelling through the giant spaces between the stars is the inspiration behind this track. Fast paced and powerful, the tribal overtones remind us to not forget our roots as we journey into the unknown.

Dubtribu Records First Birthday Compilation


Released 26th Feburary 2014

A free compilation from Dubtribu Records to celebrate our first birthday! 

Alive - Africa


Released 24th February 2014

Taken from the title track of Alive's debut EP Africa - A deep pulsing sub drives this one along while the stomping kicks lift dust as they pound on the dry earth. Africa's dub roots can be heard in the ambient sounds and chords throughout the track, giving it that meditation vibe.

Kurt Roc Skee - The Cavemasta


Released 27th January 2014

The Cavemasta is a quirky, fresh track that opens the door to a subterranean world. Straight to the point percussion delivers us swiftly into the action, as all around the creatures of the cave scurry to the sound of the Cavemasta's bass heavy authority.

Krease - Lost City


Promo Video

Lost City is a solid stomper of a track infused with old school elements that will be sure to get the dancefloor shaking. Combined with syncopated beats, the classic sounding bassline drives the track along.

Matieu - Battery Farm


Promo Video

Battery Farm powers along with a daunting intensity; all growling reeses, fat kicks and sharp snares.


Video animated by Patrick Smith

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