For over 10 years SparkUp aka MC Atactic has been a household name in Holland’s hiphop and bass music scene. He started his musical career in Utrecht, The Netherlands and quickly became an essential part of many live bands as a rapper and vocalist. During this time he also became involved with hosting and MCing, successfully using the skills he gained from his live experience. Always being the perfect spokesman for the bands and collectives he featured in, he even hosted his own local radio show in Rotterdam.


With his growing love for music he set his mind to producing his own material and now believes it is the time to let the world hear his creations. Having learned a lot with his time spend in the studio on many projects, his own studio at de Kytopia Complex in Utrecht has quickly become his home away from home. When concocting bass heavy rhythms, most of his work is 140bpm, but he will often surprise you with different tempos in productions and mixes, which comes from his own diverse musical background with styles ranging from hiphop to reggea and now culminating in bass and dubstep.


Most known for being part of Boemklatsch, he is also an accomplished graphic designer, a big fan of tattoo culture and a huge sneaker freak. There is always common ground to be found with this creative centipede. ​

Click on the album cover to see more Information about Sparkup's latest release: MY WORLD 

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