Deep Dub Inside 2017

Deep Dub Inside 2016 - Dubtribu Records

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2017 is nearly done and dusted and Dubtribu are proud to present fourteen solid examples of the direction the sound of Deep Dubstep is taking.

Once again Dubtribu deliver a compilation of staggering freshness that drops us straight into the heart of the underground. A swathe of new talent have joined the tribe this year. Some of them you may have heard of but all will soon become the familiar names of 2018.

Platypus, Muhla, Arta, Tinky, Forslab, Nicky Boy Floyd, Aztek, The Cosmos, Nomad, and Dziga complete the new line up. From the roster of Dubtribu regulars comes new material from Sirius, JTATA, Saanen, and Yin Yang Audio.

Official release date: 28th December 2017

Exclusive to Junodownload from 14th December 2017

Tracklist: Platypus - Disappearor

Sirius - Exactly Muhla - Atsūkā

Arta - Not So Vanilla

Tinky - Mr Monster

Nicky Boy Floyd - Triple Double

Saanen - Messed Dub

Aztek & Muhla - Fsake

Yin Yang Audio - Jutsu

JTATA - Tactile Forslab - Mechanism

Nomad - Twitch Fingers

Dziga - Inchain

The Cosmos - Insomnia

Mastered by Hebbe [Except “Insomnia” and “Mr Monster” mastered by Benny Fishel]

Tribal Artwork: Gregory A Gallo [detail from Dubtribu elephant design t-shirt]

Cover design: Andrew Ruffle

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