SUBWAY presents BUKEZ FINEZT 'Decade of Weight' release party - 07 JULY 2016 - BUKEZ FINEZT - SO DEEP

Dubtribu Records was present on this cheeky Thursday Evening to witness and report a sick party! Documented here is a small recording of an absolutely DEEP Bukez Finezt Massive BLEND - Vibes in the dance! Come party with the tribe!!!!!!!!!!!! Subway Presents: Bukez Finezt - Decade of Weight Releaseparty Line up: Bukez Finezt (Subway) DE Distance (Chestplate) UK [special guest] Shiverz dabutcher (Monsters) UK Deskem (Tsunami Audio) DE SubMarine (Demand Records) DE Nicon (Subway) NL Hebbe (Version Collective / Subway) NL Hosted by: Swift MC (Subway) NL

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