Yin Yang Audio - The Universe Within

Yin Yang Audio - The Universe Within

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Yin Yang Audio

The Universe Within


Exclusive to Juno: 7th March 2016

Official Release: 21st March 2016

Tribal rhythms and grand soundscapes fused with futuristic complexity and progression are becoming a steady feature of Yin Yang Audio’s signature sound. These 11 compositions will have you hooked as you delve deeper on each listen.

Each track is a sonic projection of every conceivable realm. From the darkness of "No Judgement" to the uplifting "Squaretaliation" we are taken on a dynamic journey through The Universe Within.

Juno Says:

"Yin Yang Audio has already graced the presence of Croydon's Dubtribu, but this time the producer does so with an 11-track album, deserved chance for him to really get his voice across. This is because YYA's output isn't dubstep in the fullest sense of the word, but rather a diverse and explorative myriad of sonics bound together by a heavy layer of low frequencies. If you're expecting loud, squelching and raucous brostep, you won't find any here; Yin Yang Audio serves up a gnarly bunch of tunes that can be used both on and off the floor, a myriad of sonics to bounce to and meditate over. For fans of the Deep Medi sound."


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