Deep Dub Inside 2015

Dubtribu Records’ second compilation album “Deep Dub Inside 2015” features 29 exclusive tracks from some of the freshest producers on the scene.

Juno said:

"Since emerging from the dungeon in the last year, the deeper side of dubstep has really found its soul again. With the emphasis on groove rather than spacious sound design, there's some incredible music available again. And Croydon-based Dubtribu are one of the labels leading the charge, as proved by this epic 29 track end-of-year collection: Highlights across the exclusive cuts include Yin Yang Audio's siren-blaring sludge-stomper "Radiation Nation", Sirius's east-meets-west string-plucked skanks on "Fight" and Jackson's horn-heaving, classic early Rusko sounding funker "Solidarity". And that's just three killer examples from a potential 29. Dig deep on this one."

Click here to go to the release page and hear clips from the compilation.

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