Matieu is a Dj and electronic music producer from Germany who had his first taste of Dubstep back in 2006. He became a massive fan of the genre and so eventually became inspired to turn his hand to production. By the beginning of 2012 he was producing his own material. At this time Matieu, along with his long time friend Kurt Roc Skee formed the DJ team Dubdiggers who perform regularly in their hometown of Kaiserslautern.


At the beginning of 2013 Matieu joined us at Dubtribu Records and started working on his first EP Battery Farm. He has gained much support from his fellow producers and DJs in the scene. He respectively received a lot of support throughout the past months, featuring in sets from Justify, Distance (featured on Chestplate vol.4), Shu, Love The Cook, Karnage, Ziplokk and Korrupt, just to name a few.


The deep atmospheric sounds of Matieu's world give life to his haunting melodies and combine effortlessly with dark reeces and growls to provide a sonic landscape that is driven along by meaty kicks and snares. Matieu's rich and heavy baselines push his tracks along, imparting the power and grandeur that is apparent in much of his work.

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