Krease (Jay Ward) is a Producer and DJ from Birmingham. As a teenager he quickly grew into the underground music scene and soon developed a love for Jungle and Drum & Bass. Receiving his education from events such as Flashback and Valve, he started buying records and Djing along with friends, who were by then all hooked on bass heavy music.


After many years of being dedicated to the Drum & Bass scene Krease started to hear the sounds of the emerging genre that is now Dubstep. His curiosity peaked, Jay started to dig deeper into the dubstep sound and it wasn't long before he was producing and playing it in his sets.


Heavily influenced by the sounds of producers such as Loefah, Coki, and Skream; Krease's love grew and grew for the raw, bass heavy sound. Leaving Drum & Bass behind, he began to concentrate on Dubstep. He says "As time has gone on I feel the bass music scene is stronger than ever. It's all about experimenting with new sounds, while keeping the original dubstep elements evident in the production".

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