Exclusive to Junodownload: 18th November

Everywhere else: 30th November

Los Angeles' Introspekt is Resident DJ at B-side LA and presents the latest session in bass therapy for Croydon's Dubtribu.


"Jungle Stomp" starts out with some soothing and melancholic deep house chords but then that junglist style dub bass drops in spectacular fashion, backed by delayed snares.


"East Wind" has a similar vibe, not so much for the dancefloor, more blunted style drifting with its mysterious pads entrancing you while the bass does the rest.


"Return To Johto" sees Introspekt get more energetic with a more fierce beat and rushing synth melodies and "Ancient Relic" rolls pretty damn deep too.


This is the darkside of the dub, explore at your own peril.