Release Date: 28 April 2014

The Running Man - Explosive and progressive, this one is inspired by the anime Neo Tokyo. Layers of simple sine waves and complex distortion make way for a driving bassline and fat drums that set the scene for the destruction and havoc wreaked by the use of psychokinetic powers.


Stressless - Uplifting meditation vibrations bring us on a journey through the organic yet technologically advanced landscape of another world. Colourful and animated, Stressless gives a positive and fulfilling vibe that will ring through your mind after every listen.


Sacrifice - The intro is definitely the calm before the storm here. The dark tribal sound soon gets straight to the point as the destructive bassline grips you possessively. The matter-of-fact percussion slaps you from side to side while haunting ambiences rise up from the core.


Deepspace - The intensity of travelling through the giant spaces between the stars is the inspiration behind this track. Fast paced and powerful, the tribal overtones remind us to not forget our roots as we journey into the unknown.