Release Date: 24th February 2014

Africa - A deep pulsing sub drives this one along while the stomping kicks lift dust as they pound on the dry earth. Africa's dub roots can be heard in the ambient sounds and chords throughout the track, giving it that meditation vibe.


Hollow tree - Whimsical piano chords and riffs float through this track like leaves on the breeze while the airy percussion transports us to another world. Thick laid back subs provide a carpet of bass that a writhing hollow tree emerges from.


Ill intentions  - A dirty see-saw bass provides a solid teeth clenching foundation for the manic percussion that scurries through this track. Suspenseful reverb piano hits provide air and space to the bridge before getting right back into it on the second drop.


Sleepwalker - Echoes of Alive's drum & bass past bring the bass on this one. Minimal percussion plays over a traditional kick and snare combination while the bass slowly screws you to the dance floor. When the bass drops to double time, you can't help but express yourself.